CIO UK Summit | Oct. 17, 2019 | London, UK



Silent Killers - The Cyber-Attacks You Don't See In The News

Executive Boardroom - 11:15 am - 11:40 am

In order to protect your organization against cyber-attacks in all their forms, it is essential that you go beyond the headlines to know who might target you, and why. However, despite the enormity of the cyber-attacks that make the headlines - Equifax, Maersk, Sony Pictures, for example - the majority of compromised companies rarely become part of the public vernacular, giving the false impression that it is only a small handful of companies with obvious assets of value that are breached. Even the attacks that do make the headlines are rarely attributed to any particular group, making the threat landscape seem intangible and nebulous, when it is anything but. Disclosed even less frequently are the long-term consequences of being breached, such as gradual erosion of the bottom line, or even going out of business altogether. 


  • The hidden economic impact of unreported cyber-attacks on countries, enterprises, and people -and in particular, investors. 
  • How and why such attacks are much more prolific and wide reaching than you would expect? 
  • The reasons why this is a growing problem? 
  • Our exclusive whitepaper - Rethinking Response, a copy of which can be found on your chair.

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